marlene dietrich

I Wish I Were Marlene Dietrich

As you may have guessed, Marlene Dietrich is one of my biggest style inspirations. 

Her stunning face, sultry voice and androgynous style has stood the test of time, as she remains one of the icons of the 1930s. 

One of her most iconic outfits is the tuxedo that she wore in Morocco, which was considered rather scandalous at the time. It didn't help matters that she kissed another woman in one of the scenes.


I wanted to do a little tribute to her tux look, so I shot some quick self portraits!

Forgive the crumpled shirt - I borrowed one from Mark, as well as the bow tie. The tailcoat is an old find from River Island, tuexdo trousers from ASOS, vintage top hat and the cummerbund was a birthday present from the wonderful Janet Fischietto :)

 I wanted the makeup to be a bit more exaggerated, more like her makeup here:

And if you happen to want some musical accompaniment... 

Inspiration: Suited and Booted

I know this may be somewhat of an unpopular opinion, what with the ladies magazines shouting SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER BEACH BODIES SUMMER, but I am looking forward to cooler weather.

Why? Well, I'm suffering. I can't really get summer fashion right, I'm sorry to say. I'm no fashion blogger, I don't have wavy blonde hair or the ability to pose like I'm constantly walking somewhere. I can't wear heels and I don't want to get my bare legs out. 

I want to wear more suits. I wish I were Marlene Dietrich (obscure Vagabond Opera reference there...). But until it gets cooler again, all I can do is stare at pretty people in exquisite tailoring.


Mary Pickford

Douglas Fairbanks

Merle Oberon in A Song to Remember

Marlene Dietrich on the set of Morocco

Shalom Harlow wearing John Galliano, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth