The Black Cat Cabaret and Vicky Butterfly

I thought I HAD posted this up here, but I must have forgotten!

I did a bit of photoshop work and finishing up on the recent Black Cat Cabaret (which, if you are in London, you should definitely go and see!) poster for Summer. The poster was illustrated by the fantastic Fyodor Pavlov.



I shot the bottom two images, of Sammy Dinneen and Vicky Butterfly, and liked the image of Vicky so much that I decided it would work well as a standalone image also. So I did something a little fancier with it...


The Burning Beat: Every Saturday at House of Wolf

I've been quite busy recently, but not with photography work, which I'm afraid may start to take a back seat until I get into the swing of my new routine!

As you may know, I am also part of a DJ duo known as The Roustabouts. For some time we have mused on the wish of starting our own club, something different from the cabaret we all know and love. And funnily enough, we got a call from David of the infamous Boom Boom Club, and The Burning Beat was born!



 I obviously didn't think I had enough strings to my bow!

The venue, House of Wolf, is a three floor Victorian pleasure palace, located in one of my favourite places, Upper Street in Angel. Each month the house plays host to a new resident chef, bringing their own brand of experimental cuisine to the venue. Not to mention the exciting looking experimental cocktails to be found in the Apothecary Bar upstairs (I haven't tried them yet, but you can BET I will do).

The interior of House of Wolf harkens back to it's historic beginnings (the front porch of the building is still the same from it's music hall days as "The Hare and Hounds" in the 1830s) with exposed brickwork, drooping steampunk-esque chandeliers, and embellished stag skulls. 


House of Wolf still shares the same location and porch as The Hare and Hounds, a music hall from the 1830s

We are lucky enough to take to the floor each Saturday, bringing a new brand of AUDIO, CURIO and CABARET. Last week we kicked off with the likes of Felipe Reyes, Roxy Velvet, Lisa Lottie and AMAZING band Tankus the Henge. Not to mention music galore from ourselves and David Harris!


To keep up to date with who will be performing each week, and what else will be going down at The Burning Beat, make sure you follow our Facebook page!

Missy Macabre : Dark Nouveau


A few days ago I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favourite performers, the Queen of Carny, Missy Macabre. 

I absolutely adore not only her performances (bathing in broken glass, eating fire and lounging on nail beds seem to come naturally) but her unmistakable sideshow style. For our shoot we decided to go with a darker art nouveau style as well as a Alphonse Mucha inspired set (which I will be posting at a latter date). Missy styled herself, and even made the collar!