Audio: David Byrne and St. Vincent

I've realized that I don't really blog much about one of the biggest loves of my life (possibly because much of my spare time is spent playing it): Music. So, from time to time, I'll recommend an album or musician. It might be something new, or it might be old (this is far more likely), it might be "mainstream" or it might be something obscure. 

I was brought up listening to Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and Prince, among others. My tastes are varied and accepting, I do not stick to genres just because I feel like I should. I have some terrible pop music in my itunes, sitting next to classic and rare gems. 

This time, I'm talking about David Byrne and St. Vincent's album "Love This Giant"

Talking Heads was one of the bands I grew up hearing, that I now tend to listen more to in the Spring and Summer (weird right? I listen to a lot of Tom Waits in the winter, unsurprisingly). Their songs are always positive in sound, even though the lyrics may not have such happy connotations. Unfortunately Talking Heads ceased to be in 1991, when I was 2, but it's what lead singer David Byrne, of over-sized suit and crazy dancing fame, has been up to since (and during that time) that I also love.

In 1981, 8 years before I was born, Byrne teamed up with Brian Eno to record "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts". I only just discovered this album (via my ever-knowledgeable boyfriend) a few years ago and was surprised to read the release date. As with many ground-breaking records, it could have been a modern release. One of the first albums to use samples, "My Life..." is bizarre, created out of "found" objects, from the instruments used to the vocals sampled (one of which is the voice of an exorcist). Find time to play it. Loudly. 

Between then and 2012, Byrne has done a lot of other things. Albums, talks, exhibitions, etc, but that would involve rambling a lot and I just wanted to mention "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" before getting on with the main point. 

I hadn't previously heard much from St. Vincent, although she has worked with David Byrne on various projects. This collaboration was initially only going to be for a single live performance, but once brass was added to the musical line-up, they were inspired to use that sound as a base to write the rest of the music. They began in 2009, and released the album in September 2012. 

What I love about the music they created is each little inspiration and mood both parties brought to the sound, and the strong brass moving throughout. The album is uplifting yet melancholic. 

They released "Who" as the first single, with this music video.

David Byrne and St. Vincent are touring Northern America and Europe from June to September, so make sure you catch them! I'll be seeing them at The Roundhouse in London on August 27th.

The Burning Beat: Every Saturday at House of Wolf

I've been quite busy recently, but not with photography work, which I'm afraid may start to take a back seat until I get into the swing of my new routine!

As you may know, I am also part of a DJ duo known as The Roustabouts. For some time we have mused on the wish of starting our own club, something different from the cabaret we all know and love. And funnily enough, we got a call from David of the infamous Boom Boom Club, and The Burning Beat was born!



 I obviously didn't think I had enough strings to my bow!

The venue, House of Wolf, is a three floor Victorian pleasure palace, located in one of my favourite places, Upper Street in Angel. Each month the house plays host to a new resident chef, bringing their own brand of experimental cuisine to the venue. Not to mention the exciting looking experimental cocktails to be found in the Apothecary Bar upstairs (I haven't tried them yet, but you can BET I will do).

The interior of House of Wolf harkens back to it's historic beginnings (the front porch of the building is still the same from it's music hall days as "The Hare and Hounds" in the 1830s) with exposed brickwork, drooping steampunk-esque chandeliers, and embellished stag skulls. 


House of Wolf still shares the same location and porch as The Hare and Hounds, a music hall from the 1830s

We are lucky enough to take to the floor each Saturday, bringing a new brand of AUDIO, CURIO and CABARET. Last week we kicked off with the likes of Felipe Reyes, Roxy Velvet, Lisa Lottie and AMAZING band Tankus the Henge. Not to mention music galore from ourselves and David Harris!


To keep up to date with who will be performing each week, and what else will be going down at The Burning Beat, make sure you follow our Facebook page!

An update!

Many things have happened since my last proper update, from dinner with the Queen (well, a Queen lookalike) including a drive in a pink limo, to attending the Bizarre Ball (wishing that I hadn't done), to dancing around with Balkan Beat Box. 

But first, in regards to my last post, heres a photo of myself and Aurora at Lolita in Wonderland II, taken by Pat Lyttle.




An acquaintance of mine has recently published a book with lovely glossy photos of modern "club kids", which is available here. There are some rather bizarre looking chaps on the back cover....

....we also attended the book's launch party!

Working the all red eye makeup




On Saturday evening we dragged ourselves into Shoreditch to see one of our favourite bands, Balkan Beat Box. Neither of us were feeling at our best, however BBB's music is just so good we had to dance. I saw them for the first time last year, and can say they are one of the best live acts I have seen - I recommend checking out their music (here is a link to one song to get a taste)! 

We were right at the front for the whole way through and, as usual, in the encore, they pull people up onto stage to dance. However, as usual, there are extremely excited women in the audience that tend to use me as a ledge to push themselves up with! People started pouring onto the stage, pushing me out of the way, until the singer, Tomer Yosef, grabbed my hand and pulled me and then Mark up. There were far too many people on the stage, so we were shoved to the back, but it was still an experience! After the gig, when we were dancing to the DJ, Tomer came up to us and told us we looked different, and that he remembered us from last year - it made my weekend!

Looking extremely sweaty with Tomer Yosef of Balkan Beat Box




As if that wasn't enough, I'm working with the amazing Tea, shooting images for her company's (Sacré Coeur Jewellery and Adornments) website, and with Amelia Arsenic, for her new tshirt line!

Djing at Lolita in Wonderland II

For those of you in London, or who have the ability to get to London, tomorrow is the second Japanese Fashion Festival; Lolita in Wonderland 2: Lolita Through the Looking Glass. It is a day long event and club night dedicated to Japanese Fashion. 
I’m going to be djing in the evening, and being my first time doing so, I’d love some support in the form of dance! I’ll be playing a range of jpop, jrock, kpop, electro and more. 
Flyer including details are here, facebook event page here.