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This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!

Top Left - I spotted this AMAZING headdress on Liv Free's facebook page and realised I absolutely must have it! It's just so unique and beautiful, I love how it looks like Catholic Iconography.

Top Right - Shooting said headdress with the awesome Willie Nash! Can't wait to show the photos!

Bottom Left - As you may know, Markabre and I, as DJ Duo The Roustabouts, run cabaret club The Burning Beat. We were previously on at a venue in Islington each Saturday, but have sinced moved out and are searching for a venue that would allow us to expand the show! We threw a free Bank Holiday Special party at Concrete in Shoreditch, and boy was it a party. This is a shot of us both just before we begun playing!

Bottom Right - And this was at the end of the night, with Florian Brooks, who is not only an amazing juggler but a very bad influence (I've never had a 3 day hangover before)! This was after an awful lot of gin, tequila, sambuca, rum and vodka.... oh dear.


Top Left - One friday night we met up with Aurora Galore and headed off to the Playboy Club for fellow performer, Coco Dubois' birthday! We decided to dress in red, gold and black - and yes this is an awful photo thanks to the flash.

Top Right - Along with Coco singing with a live band, they also had performances from Pippa The Ripper, a contortionist (I'm afraid I don't know her name!) and the amazing Heather Holliday. Heather is pictured here SPINNING A PLATE ON A SWORD WHILE HULA HOOPING. She also does sword swallowing and is basically badass.

Bottom Left - And this is how I look at the office! I love this green dress from ASOS... I'm trying to put more colour into my everyday wardrobe.

Bottom Right - I had the pleasure of shooting with the wonderful Ravenblakh Photography again (I think this is the third time now!), this time in a beautiful location. Bizarrely, this place is slap-bang in the middle of skyscrapers and office buildings. Here's one of the beautiful shots from the shoot, but I thought I'd instagram a behind the scenes of the other outfit.

2012 in style through Instagram

Better late than never, right? A rundown of some of my favourite looks this year!

I wanted to do this via instagram (although I only started using Instagram in April) as most of the time I only manage to snap my outfits on there rather than set up a full photoshoot! I'll also do a run-down of my photography during 2012... at some point soon!



April - May

Clockwise L-R: Wearing Lady Lucie Latex for Torture Garden, a french revolution inspired outfit for White Mischief, can't remember what this was for but wearing the Tuxedo Playsuit from Playful Promises, Boom Boom Club at Old Vic Tunnels.



June - July

Clockwise L-R: Shiny and stripey for Boom Boom Club's Prosperos Tavern at Southbank, culture clash for Rumpus, before shooting in my kokoshnik, wearing Kaori's Latex Dreams for Torture Garden.


August - September

Clockwise L-R: I think my boyfriend and I were going out for our 3rd anniversary, performing at the V&A's LoliPop event, outfit for attending the Lingerie Awards, gold and red for Torture Garden


October - November

Clockwise L-R: fez and feathers for The Burning Beat, my half bride half groom halloween costume worn for The Burning Beat, another outfit for TBB, a light outfit for having dinner at Micca Club in Rome.


November - December

All outfits for The Burning Beat, excluding the bottom right, which I wore to work's Christmas party!


 I've dressed up a lot more in the past few months, mainly due to working at The Burning Beat each Saturday. I think I may have honed my style to be more detailed (and more GOLD), and purchased clothing that works in my "fancy" wardrobe (I have two wardobes!).

This year I hope to add even more detail to my outfits, and work on some headpieces and more extreme makeup!

Which of these looks is your favourite?

This Month in Pictures

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 Top Left - New goodies... a girdle by What Katie Did and a fringed red collar from Rokit, which I'm going to customise further!

Top Right - A behind-the-scenes shot of my Halloween costume! I'm really pleased with how the makeup came out.

Bottom Left & Right - I shot the next lookbook for Playful Promises Clothing in a cute little location! All those books were real - gorgeous.


Top Left - I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Italian burlesque artist Janet Fischietto. Beautiful and sweet is an understatement! Can't wait to show these photos

Top Right - Janet also performed for us at our cabaret, The Burning Beat, and the lovely lady behind Cake Follies created some cakes for all of us (and boy were they yummy).

Bottom Left - I'm slowly getting into crystalising, and have realised that it's a) damn expensive and b) damn tricky. I added a bit of sparkle to Mark's ringleader jacket!

Bottom Right - Makeup for The Burning Beat, I used Sugarpill to do a slightly clown-like look.



Top Left - A cute bra which I customised!

Top Right - I found a gorgeous Thai Dancer headdress on ebay, but need to figure out what to do with it. It's not got any headband, so I also need to figure out how to attach it to my head!!

Bottom Left - Makeup and hair for the last set we did at Torture Garden before starting our club. And my gorgeous new gold headphones!

Bottom Right - My lovely boyfriend is so romantic, and despite being together 3 years we still go on dates! He took me to the Colliseum to watch a very interesting Opera called Julietta, which had a giant accordian as the stage. It was really quite surreal.


The Burning Beat: Every Saturday at House of Wolf

I've been quite busy recently, but not with photography work, which I'm afraid may start to take a back seat until I get into the swing of my new routine!

As you may know, I am also part of a DJ duo known as The Roustabouts. For some time we have mused on the wish of starting our own club, something different from the cabaret we all know and love. And funnily enough, we got a call from David of the infamous Boom Boom Club, and The Burning Beat was born!



 I obviously didn't think I had enough strings to my bow!

The venue, House of Wolf, is a three floor Victorian pleasure palace, located in one of my favourite places, Upper Street in Angel. Each month the house plays host to a new resident chef, bringing their own brand of experimental cuisine to the venue. Not to mention the exciting looking experimental cocktails to be found in the Apothecary Bar upstairs (I haven't tried them yet, but you can BET I will do).

The interior of House of Wolf harkens back to it's historic beginnings (the front porch of the building is still the same from it's music hall days as "The Hare and Hounds" in the 1830s) with exposed brickwork, drooping steampunk-esque chandeliers, and embellished stag skulls. 


House of Wolf still shares the same location and porch as The Hare and Hounds, a music hall from the 1830s

We are lucky enough to take to the floor each Saturday, bringing a new brand of AUDIO, CURIO and CABARET. Last week we kicked off with the likes of Felipe Reyes, Roxy Velvet, Lisa Lottie and AMAZING band Tankus the Henge. Not to mention music galore from ourselves and David Harris!


To keep up to date with who will be performing each week, and what else will be going down at The Burning Beat, make sure you follow our Facebook page!