Insomnia Cosmetics: Bluejay

A little while ago I received a package from Insomnia Cosmetics, an indie makeup brand made in Hawaii. 

These vegan and cruelty free cosmetics range from lipsticks to eyeliners to glitter, with some gorgeous rich colours to choose from.

I received the Basic Bitch lipbalm (which I use almost every day), the Witch Hunt Lipstick (worn here), Minx Lipstick (worn here), Mauvelous Lipstick (worn here) and the Bluejay Liphaze and Insomnia Birthday Glitter, which are featured in this post.


The Bluejay Lip Haze, seen on it's own above, is a pastel blue liquid lipstick. Personally I wouldn't normally wear the colour on it's own without lining my lips (see below), but I wanted to see how it would hold up. 

For light coloured lips like this, there's always a chance that it'll either merge too closely with skin, or look too washed out, but this colour really popped. It applies like a liquid lipstick, and I used the wand that comes with the product to apply. It is incredibly smooth, easy to use, and it only needed one coat (some other liquid lipsticks require a few). It didn't dry completely matte immediately, but that worked well because it allowed me to blend the darker liner in afterwards. Once it had dried, it didn't budge.

I used a dark blue liner (I used Sunrise Blue liner from NYX Cosmetics) and a tiny touch of Tako pigment from Sugarpill, then used the Insomnia Birthday Glitter for the lower lip.

The glitter is a midnight blue with flashes of copper, which you can see above! I particularly love the art deco-esque jar for the glitter.


And finally what it looks like with gloss!

Definitely check out Insomnia Cosmetics on etsy, I've got my eyes on some of the grey-toned lipsticks!

Lip Art

I thought I'd have a bit of a play around with some lip art and macro lenses I borrowed from my boyfriend (he's a videographer!). 

These have little to no editing done on them, it's all in camera.


I used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Beta

Sugarpill loose powder in Hi-Viz & Asylum