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Mirjam Lehtonen Costumes

As I mentioned in my previous post, Finnish designer Mirjam Lehtonen had lent me some pieces to use for styling a music video. To thank her, and make the most of the costumes, I shot some self portraits, some of which also included other pieces we borrowed for the video, styled in a different way (those pieces I've mentioned below the images, everything else is by Mirjam).

Mouthpiece by  Bakeneko Designs

Mouthpiece by Bakeneko Designs

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Feathers by  Lovechild Boudoir

Feathers by Lovechild Boudoir

Insomnia Cosmetics: Bluejay

A little while ago I received a package from Insomnia Cosmetics, an indie makeup brand made in Hawaii. 

These vegan and cruelty free cosmetics range from lipsticks to eyeliners to glitter, with some gorgeous rich colours to choose from.

I received the Basic Bitch lipbalm (which I use almost every day), the Witch Hunt Lipstick (worn here), Minx Lipstick (worn here), Mauvelous Lipstick (worn here) and the Bluejay Liphaze and Insomnia Birthday Glitter, which are featured in this post.


The Bluejay Lip Haze, seen on it's own above, is a pastel blue liquid lipstick. Personally I wouldn't normally wear the colour on it's own without lining my lips (see below), but I wanted to see how it would hold up. 

For light coloured lips like this, there's always a chance that it'll either merge too closely with skin, or look too washed out, but this colour really popped. It applies like a liquid lipstick, and I used the wand that comes with the product to apply. It is incredibly smooth, easy to use, and it only needed one coat (some other liquid lipsticks require a few). It didn't dry completely matte immediately, but that worked well because it allowed me to blend the darker liner in afterwards. Once it had dried, it didn't budge.

I used a dark blue liner (I used Sunrise Blue liner from NYX Cosmetics) and a tiny touch of Tako pigment from Sugarpill, then used the Insomnia Birthday Glitter for the lower lip.

The glitter is a midnight blue with flashes of copper, which you can see above! I particularly love the art deco-esque jar for the glitter.


And finally what it looks like with gloss!

Definitely check out Insomnia Cosmetics on etsy, I've got my eyes on some of the grey-toned lipsticks!

Karolina Laskowska Lingerie



It was roughly late 2011 that I first started seeing Karolina Laskowska's work popping up, and I was instantly intrigued by her lingerie style. In Jan 2012 I had the chance to shoot some of her pieces on Miss Miranda (see above and below), and loved seeing the lingerie up close!

Although still completing her Contour Fashion degree at De Montfort, Karolina has already built her brand and quite a following. Her designs are luxurious, with more than a touch of bondage inspiration. At the moment she sells frame bras, strappy playsuits (including the bad-ass Pentagram playsuit) and harnesses, but I love watching her one-offs and design processes via her facebook.



Unfortunately I only have one piece from Karolina (so far!), which was a sample frame bra, with gorgeous gold lace.  I don't really wear enough lingerie as outerwear, but I definitely have my eye on the Kordelia Harness!



Wearing the bra as outerwear, on my way to the UK Lingerie Awards!

Also, Karolina is currently running a competition to win a £100 voucher or a one-off piece of lingerie - check out her blog for details! 

Love Bomb 2013: Love Letters

You may remember last year I shot this campaign for the first Independent Lingerie Brands Love Bomb. Well, we did it again, on a slightly smaller scale (with 8 brands rather than 10) but with just as awesome prizes.

I shot the images a few weeks ago, which have now all been released. You have until tomorrow to enter to win each prize from each brand, so make sure you take a look at how to enter here! 

Model is
Miss Miranda
Fabulous hats are by Lily Lewis


Hat by Lily Lewis, Bra and brief by Playful Promises, Waspie by Velda Lauder, Suspender belt by Kiss Me Deadly.


Hat by Lily Lewis, Lingerie by Fraulein Annie


Bra and brief by Kriss Soonik, Waspie by Playful Promises, Suspender belt by Kiss Me Deadly


Gown by Ayten Gasson


Bra and brief by Miss Mandalay, Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly


Hat by Lily Lewis, swimsuit by Paolita


What do you think?


Opulent Latex from Eustratia

Eustratia's Opulence collection, shot by Katelizabeth Photography

When most people think of latex they think of full catsuits, gimp masks, the full whack. And for some time that's the style that prevailed (and of course, there's nothing wrong with that, if it floats your boat :P). However, as latex became easier and cheaper to buy, designers began to have the freedom to experiment. 

With the recent boom of celebrities donning rubber, it has become seen as more of a creative fashion choice rather than only seen in sweaty fetish clubs. Many designers have started to experiment with the material like they would fabric, making use of the applique details and translucent or opaque rubber of all different colours.

One designer that I've worked with various times is Eustratia. Each collection she creates is better and better, as she experiments more with the rubber. I'm particularly in love with her recent collection, Opulence, as it features baroque applique and black and gold colourways.

A few months ago I took part in the Eustratia catwalk show at London Fetish Weekend.

The full line up at London Fetish Weekend 2012 - Image by Dafydd Owen


Image by Tigz Rice

 I thought I'd also feature some of my favourite pieces from the Opulence collection. These were shot by Katelizabeth Photography and feature the designer herself, under her modelling name Biomechanina and Sevensin.