Tweeding it up



I'd been umming and ahhing about buying a cape ever since they first came back into fashion last year. I didn't get one then because a) I wasn't sure if I could pull it off b) it didn't seem at all warm enough and c) I can't work out the arm holes.

But I bit the bullet and bought one, fairly cheap, by a small brand that sells to New Look (however I searched for it on ebay and ended up buying it for £10 less than the New Look price, directly from the manufacturer). 

The arm holes are still confusing (for me), as I usually carry two shoulder bags, it seems the ideal bag to carry with a cape is a handbag on the crook of your elbow. So it isn't as quick to get on or off as a coat. Nor is it as warm, however this isn't currently an issue, until it gets colder. The shape of the cape actually keeps in a lot more warmth than I originally assumed.

But it mainly made me think... why isn't there MORE tweed in my wardrobe? 


 Unfortunately a lot of the tweed in fashion at the moment is pretty hideous, as the "Country Girl"/"Dandy" style isn't currently trending. Plus most of the tweed womenswear seems to be worn by models/bloggers that have similar teeth to the horses daddy bought them. 

One day I'd love to go and watch the Tweed Run (note: Watch - I can't ride a bike), but for now I can just stare at photos of great tweed.


Beautiful Ms Dietrich

Vivienne Westwood Tweed Jacket


 Via Men Of Habit