Opulent Latex from Eustratia

Eustratia's Opulence collection, shot by Katelizabeth Photography

When most people think of latex they think of full catsuits, gimp masks, the full whack. And for some time that's the style that prevailed (and of course, there's nothing wrong with that, if it floats your boat :P). However, as latex became easier and cheaper to buy, designers began to have the freedom to experiment. 

With the recent boom of celebrities donning rubber, it has become seen as more of a creative fashion choice rather than only seen in sweaty fetish clubs. Many designers have started to experiment with the material like they would fabric, making use of the applique details and translucent or opaque rubber of all different colours.

One designer that I've worked with various times is Eustratia. Each collection she creates is better and better, as she experiments more with the rubber. I'm particularly in love with her recent collection, Opulence, as it features baroque applique and black and gold colourways.

A few months ago I took part in the Eustratia catwalk show at London Fetish Weekend.

The full line up at London Fetish Weekend 2012 - Image by Dafydd Owen


Image by Tigz Rice

 I thought I'd also feature some of my favourite pieces from the Opulence collection. These were shot by Katelizabeth Photography and feature the designer herself, under her modelling name Biomechanina and Sevensin.