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Wigs, And Where To Find Them

To point out the obvious: I wear a lot of wigs. I own a lot of wigs. The count is in the late 20s now. 

So, I often get asked about wigs! I had previously written a guide on wigs (including how to shop on eBay) and a guide on how to style wigs, but that was back in 2011, and since then wigs have become incredibly popular. As Chinese wholesalers are becoming easier to contact, small independent sellers have cropped up all over the place, and fun wigs are cheaper and easier to come across!

Here's a little list of some retailers that I recommend.


Since I last wrote about shopping on eBay for wigs, there are now even more sellers. Good and bad, as you have even more junk and fancy dress plastic to wade through, but there are some hidden gems if you keep at it, and use the tips I've previously mentioned. 



I haven't actually ordered from Lockshop yet, but I have to say I am severely tempted by her wonderful new lace-front wigs. I've not actually used lace front wigs before, but the benefit is that the wig blends more seamlessly into your hairline. 

I'm also seduced by the good product photography and the fact that the owner, Chokelate is a multi-talented beauty. She also makes some amazing tights!


Geisha Wigs 

Geisha Wigs are a small team (originally just starting with one lady, I believe) based in the UK, who have built a devout following. I've purchased a few wigs from them, and all have been wonderful quality and very affordable. 

The wig I wore above is their Starlet wig. 


Rockstar Wigs

Rockstar Wigs, also part of Gothic Lolita Wigs (they basically sell the same things under different brands) is another popular wig website. I had previously bought a split white and red wig from them, and I can't say the quality was particularly fantastic, but I'd be willing to try again! I love this Dynamite wig, and the fact that they often shoot their designs on drag queens.


Minty Mix

I've mentioned Minty Mix before, having bought a similar wig to the above. It's one of my favourite wigs! The quality is amazing, so I'd definitely recommend their work.


Etsy - Kekeshop 

I haven't tried any wigs from this shop, but they look great, and particularly well styled! You wouldn't need to do much with these wigs, hence the higher prices.


Etsy - NYCWigs

These wigs look SO amazing! I love pretty much all of them. Although I would like to see what the non lace front versions look like, as the lace front adds £50 or so more onto the price.


Etsy - Sweet Hayseed

I've been following lusting over Sweet Hayseed's work for quite a few years, they truly are works of art. One day, my pretty, one day.

Pick Of The Lingerie Sales

One of the most wonderful (well, depending on how you look at it, perhaps the word "tempting" is more apt) things about the post-Christmas period is SALES! 

There's some amazing lingerie sales on at the moment, and I've been incredibly tempted. I'm being very good and saving my money for a much-needed coat (from Collectif), but I can still share my wishlist!


Made By Niki Peplum Shoulder Holster - £84 down from £169

Karolina Laskowska Luiza Bra - £100 down from £150

Myla Belle Beau Bra - £60 down from £120


Gossard Sequin Strapless Bra - £28.50 down from £48


Bordelle Aubretia Underwire Bra - £65 down from £130

Lustlist: Virgos Lounge

I came across the brand, Virgos Lounge, on ASOS recently and completely fell in love.

Do I really need to explain why? Beautifully embellished pieces at incredibly affordable prices? Stunning 30's style gowns?


I snapped up one of their gorgeous crop tops in the sale, and the quality is wonderful.


But now I want more! These pieces are definitely on my shopping list!

Sadly some of their items already seem to be sold out in my size, but I can't wait to see what other designs they will be bringing out.









Tasha Shorts


Ziggy Velvet Leggings


What's your favourite piece from Virgos Lounge?


River Island New Arrival Wishlist

It was around about this time last year (actually a little before, as I ended up looking at all the previews) that I started getting excited and shouting about AW12 collections, which mainly involved gold and red and baroque. Luckily, that's leaked into this year's Autum/Winter collections and, well, I can never get enough baroque. Bitches love baroque. 

Dressing Gowns & Robes

I've been on the hunt for a dressing gown.

Now that it's getting colder again (thank god) I can actually think about wearing layers again (at least before it gets cold enough to wear fuzzy jumpers). Especially around the house I want something that I can lounge in, and also throw on when the postman rings the doorbell at 7am!

Time to throw out my fuzzy old leopard print dressing gown, and go for something a little more luxurious, yet still "covered up".

Here's a few ideas that I found!


Arabesque Wrap Robe Lagoon Silk - Between The Sheets $395

Completely out of my price range, but this looks beautiful.


Diana Monarch Robe - Kriss Soonik (at Violet's Knickers) £162

I love Kriss Soonik's loungerie, although this, sadly, is still out of my price range. It looks like this would be warm enough for the winter months too!


Black Silk Gown - Parah (at Dolci Follie) £325

Another one that's out of my price range (I have very expensive tastes) but would feel so glamorous.


Sophia Heart Robe - La Lilouche $198

I love the sleeves and cut out detail on this robe. It also comes in white and red - I'd love to see the colour of the red!


Rosie For Autograph Pure Silk Gown - Marks And Spencers £59

In the end, I might just go for this due to the affordable price. It's nice to wear silk and not hurt my bank account! 


Next, I'll focus on robes and dressing gowns that are a little more risque!