Lustlist: Virgos Lounge

I came across the brand, Virgos Lounge, on ASOS recently and completely fell in love.

Do I really need to explain why? Beautifully embellished pieces at incredibly affordable prices? Stunning 30's style gowns?


I snapped up one of their gorgeous crop tops in the sale, and the quality is wonderful.


But now I want more! These pieces are definitely on my shopping list!

Sadly some of their items already seem to be sold out in my size, but I can't wait to see what other designs they will be bringing out.









Tasha Shorts


Ziggy Velvet Leggings


What's your favourite piece from Virgos Lounge?


River Island New Arrival Wishlist

It was around about this time last year (actually a little before, as I ended up looking at all the previews) that I started getting excited and shouting about AW12 collections, which mainly involved gold and red and baroque. Luckily, that's leaked into this year's Autum/Winter collections and, well, I can never get enough baroque. Bitches love baroque. 

Playful Promises AW13: Russian Doll

I couldn't wait and I put all of the AW13 collection images up on the Playful Promises facebook. I HAVE NO WILLPOWER, OK? And I've been sitting on these images since November. 

When I first heard that the collection would be inspired by Russian decadence, I was ridiculously excited. And then I saw it and I'm just going to have to own it all.


As I said, I shot this in late November, with two beautiful models in a gorgeous location (although it seems to have no standard UK plug sockets, which was great fun). We also shot these images on the same day, with Miss Miranda.  


Onto the images. I won't post ALL of them here (for the rest check out the facebook link above), but just my favourites.



This is a very similar shape to the Gilda range that came in SS12, and I'm very happy about because the Gilda bra is one of my daily comfy bras. Also I have ridiculous love for the longline girdle, especially the back. This is such a smoulderingly sexy set, and will be available in September.



I don't usually care for floral print (in fact I mainly say I hate it) but this is different. Inspired by russian floral fabircs, this print was created in-house (most of our prints are). We've done this bra shape for a while now, but previously had issues with fit, so I am incredibly excited about the revamp.



Which I'm also referring to (in my head) as "Sweet Jesus". I don't think I can really talk about this one without going over the top. I like it a lot.



I know these are two photos of the same set (it also comes in a non-high waist brief) but I couldn't decide. Because the strappy-cage effect of previous bras have worked so well for us, we worked them into this push up bra set. Another amazing print of peacocks and flowers really works against the black sheer panels.


Hella Bodysuit

Bodysuits YAY. Will be pretty much wearing this every day. Also this is an awesomely strong pose.




This is another classic PP set that we've brought back in a new colourway. Such rich colours, I'm sneakily hoping we do it again next year in the underwire version (which is currently set for SS14) ;)



I can see this as being another of my daily bras. This also comes with an ouvert brief, which I don't really fancy but sold very well for us last time!



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Top Lingerie Picks for AW13

Despite the high street brands spreading floral and pastel joy in preparation for the Spring we are apparently embarking upon, I'm already looking forward to the next season, where things inevitably head back into the shadows. 

The AW13 lingerie collections have already begun to be teased, as most of the brands are finally able to show what they have been working on for the past 6 months (I should know, I've been sitting on Playful Promises' AW13 collection images for a good few months now). 

Next season's intimates trends include plenty of things I enjoy: Metallics, Decadence, "fetish"-chic, dark reds, art nouveau and embellishments. So, I thought I'd pick a few of my favourite pieces from the released look books so far!

I.D. Sarrieri - Innamorata Bodysuit

I don't think I'd turn down anything from I.D. Sarrieri, to be honest. That would be crazy. While I'm not quite sure why they shot some of their AW13 look book in black and white (should we assume that all the lingerie in those shots is monochrome? Doubtful), they are still doing wonders with lace.

A new Berlin-based brand, that have begun with a SS13 collection. I love the shape of this girdle's panels; the only thing is that I prefer thicker suspender straps. 


E.Lai - Lexington Dress


 I've seen so many blogs talking about Eva Lai's recent collection, and the launch of her brand, E. Lai. She was one of three winners of the Playful Promises design competition; her design currently in production, available in late May. Her own brand has a gorgeous equestrian feel, mixing in tanned leathers and sheer chiffon in black, blue and brown. I love the Lexington Dress and the stunning gowns.


 Made by Niki - String Skirt

The first time I saw their coral string skirt, I wanted it. Even though it is pink. I even bought the matching bra (although I wouldn't say it's particularly flattering on me). Unfortunately I never was able to afford the skirt, but that doesn't stop me drooling over the steel black version arriving in AW13. 


Something Wicked

Two words: Sheer and Burgundy. Together, it becomes my kryptonite.  

Marlies Dekkers

Not only is the look book AMAZING but if my eyes are not deceiving me, that's a burgundy set with some fancy embellished detail going on. Be still my beating heart.



I'm looking forward to see what Lascivious has to offer (who have apparently teamed up with Bebaroque and jewellery designer Carol Wiseman, hinting at embellishments and glitter) as well as Felice Art Couture. 


Baroque lustworthy wishlist

I am not ashamed to say that my wardrobe is mainly full of the following colours: Black, Gold and Wine Red (or similar tones). 

I'm completely obsessed by how these rich colours work together, so imagine my delight screams of joy when I first discovered a few months ago, that opulent baroque styles would be trending this Autumn/Winter.



Clockwise from top left: The Palais Garnier, Tim Walker, a self portrait taken a few years ago and D&G's recent collection.

Normally trends pass me by, and I couldn't really imagine ANYONE keeping up with every trend (which would mean a whole new wardrobe over 4 times a year), but the good thing about this is that affordable copies are everywhere.


I was particularly looking forward to the offerings of ASOS and River Island, after having seen some preview images.


River Island's offerings that I've been checking back every day hoping they come into stock... (Image on the left from Whisty) Apparently the jacket is coming tomorrow, unsure about the shorts. 


But here's a few of the pieces I've already bought!

 Clockwise from top left: Slightly tacky baroque jumper (BUT IT'S SO WARM) from River Island, Red velvet with faux fur jacket from Rare, beautiful embellished collar from River Island, gold spangly bodysuit from Rare.

(EDIT: I just received the gold bodysuit, which is poorly made to say the least... however it was fairly cheap. I'll need to exchange it for a smaller size, but even then, the padding in the cups is bizarre, and the sequins scratch at the inside leg!)


And what about my lust list?


Upon compiling this list, I realised that there are reasons as to why I haven't already bought these items (I'm really awful, if I see something, I have to buy it... so I often try to think of ANY reason why I don't NEED it).

Clockwise from top left:

1. OASAP High Waistling Backless Tapered Dress - Prize for the most useless title! I love the look of this, but I'm wary of the quality.

2. ASOS Petite Exclusive Embellished Leotard - I have not bought this for various reasons, but one being that I'm PISSED OFF with ASOS. This was meant to come in a short bodysuit style, and I had been checking ASOS every day for it to come into stock. No show. It was even in their magazine but not on their website (the biggest, and most irritating mistake for a customer). When I saw this version come in, I emailed them to ask them about the short version, and received a pretty useless automated reply asking me to check the rest of ASOS' items for something similar. Another reason why I've not bought this is that it's made for 5'3 and under, which I am not. I have considered buying a size up and hoping it stretches to my height, but at £75 that seems ridiculous.

3. Topshop Drape Choker Necklace - I love the look of this, but I can't bring myself to spend £45 on a necklace.

4. River Island Black Flower Embroidered Cape - Cute, and affordable. I'll probably get this soon.

5. River Island Red Tapestry Satchel - My opinion of bags (and shoes) is that I will not replace one until the current bag has completely fallen apart. I get attached to my bags, and right now my one is pretty... despite the fact that the lining has fallen apart inside. I think I'd have to see this bag instore to figure out if all my things would fit in it (if it can fit a book of Game of Thrones and all my junk in comfortably, then we have a winner). 

6. ASOS Premium Knicker Shorts - Cute, but I prefer the River Island ones shown above!


Are you enjoying the baroque trend? Which items do you have your eye on?