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Playful Promises Halloween Campaign

I haven't written in here for a while as I've been so busy! In the interim, I travelled to Chicago and New York, and have been assisting my partner on some video projects. More about those later!

If we have time, we always attempt to take a Halloween photoshoot at Playful Promises (last year's theme was Victorian Spiritualism), despite this being one of the busiest times of the year, leading up to Christmas. I wasn't quite sure what we could do that would be different to previous years (in 2013 we did a semi-B-movie style shoot and 2012 was cat inspired), and not be typically "spooky".

I started thinking of '70s horror films, in particular the strong colours of Suspiria and some of Lauren Thurman-King's amazing work.

Miss Deadly Red is one of my favourite people to shoot at the moment, and she was such a good sport about wearing smelly fangs, being covered in blood and having a fake eyeball shoved in her mouth.


Shop for the lingerie featured in the images here!

Playful Promises Circus Collection Lookbook

Hooray, another lookbook I can show off!

Normally with lookbooks I shoot them 6 months before I can actually show them, but in this case the production process was shorter.

Playful Promises is celebrating 10 years of making knickers, and to celebrate we created a limited edition Circus-inspired collection, made entirely in the UK. Check out our facebook page to read more!

This is not only one of my favourite lingerie collections to date, but I'm so pleased with the images we shot. As this collection is exclusive to our retail website, the images didn't need to be so commercial, so we were a little more creative, experimenting with lighting. 

I shot in what I'm going to describe as a secret location (you might see it crop up in another way later this year) with Miss Miranda, who did all her own makeup and hair. We actually shot all of this in about 4 hours, because we are awesome ;) 

Click on the photos to buy the extemely limited edition pieces!



We also shot some mix-and-match images of some of the other brands we carry.

Happy Halloween!

As part of my job is to create visual content, I put together a little Halloween themed shoot!

I got in touch with the lovely SINderella Rockafella, and borrowed some headgear from Pearls and Swine (I should really write a separate post about how awesome her work is!).

We decided to go for two different sets, one with the Tatiana lingerie and one with the Peacock lingerie (and we also did a Christmas set which I'll post later!).

The first set features an awesome spider headdress (stupidly I forgot that Emma, our brand director, is terrified of spiders!), so I thought I'd go for B-movie style puns :P



For the Peacock set, we had 3 different headdresses, and decided to shoot them all! We used the new wallpaper that's just been put up in the PP studio, which photographed beautifully (much like SINderella!).


Playful Promises AW13: Russian Doll

I couldn't wait and I put all of the AW13 collection images up on the Playful Promises facebook. I HAVE NO WILLPOWER, OK? And I've been sitting on these images since November. 

When I first heard that the collection would be inspired by Russian decadence, I was ridiculously excited. And then I saw it and I'm just going to have to own it all.


As I said, I shot this in late November, with two beautiful models in a gorgeous location (although it seems to have no standard UK plug sockets, which was great fun). We also shot these images on the same day, with Miss Miranda.  


Onto the images. I won't post ALL of them here (for the rest check out the facebook link above), but just my favourites.



This is a very similar shape to the Gilda range that came in SS12, and I'm very happy about because the Gilda bra is one of my daily comfy bras. Also I have ridiculous love for the longline girdle, especially the back. This is such a smoulderingly sexy set, and will be available in September.



I don't usually care for floral print (in fact I mainly say I hate it) but this is different. Inspired by russian floral fabircs, this print was created in-house (most of our prints are). We've done this bra shape for a while now, but previously had issues with fit, so I am incredibly excited about the revamp.



Which I'm also referring to (in my head) as "Sweet Jesus". I don't think I can really talk about this one without going over the top. I like it a lot.



I know these are two photos of the same set (it also comes in a non-high waist brief) but I couldn't decide. Because the strappy-cage effect of previous bras have worked so well for us, we worked them into this push up bra set. Another amazing print of peacocks and flowers really works against the black sheer panels.


Hella Bodysuit

Bodysuits YAY. Will be pretty much wearing this every day. Also this is an awesomely strong pose.




This is another classic PP set that we've brought back in a new colourway. Such rich colours, I'm sneakily hoping we do it again next year in the underwire version (which is currently set for SS14) ;)



I can see this as being another of my daily bras. This also comes with an ouvert brief, which I don't really fancy but sold very well for us last time!



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