This Month in Pictures

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 Top Left - New goodies... a girdle by What Katie Did and a fringed red collar from Rokit, which I'm going to customise further!

Top Right - A behind-the-scenes shot of my Halloween costume! I'm really pleased with how the makeup came out.

Bottom Left & Right - I shot the next lookbook for Playful Promises Clothing in a cute little location! All those books were real - gorgeous.


Top Left - I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Italian burlesque artist Janet Fischietto. Beautiful and sweet is an understatement! Can't wait to show these photos

Top Right - Janet also performed for us at our cabaret, The Burning Beat, and the lovely lady behind Cake Follies created some cakes for all of us (and boy were they yummy).

Bottom Left - I'm slowly getting into crystalising, and have realised that it's a) damn expensive and b) damn tricky. I added a bit of sparkle to Mark's ringleader jacket!

Bottom Right - Makeup for The Burning Beat, I used Sugarpill to do a slightly clown-like look.



Top Left - A cute bra which I customised!

Top Right - I found a gorgeous Thai Dancer headdress on ebay, but need to figure out what to do with it. It's not got any headband, so I also need to figure out how to attach it to my head!!

Bottom Left - Makeup and hair for the last set we did at Torture Garden before starting our club. And my gorgeous new gold headphones!

Bottom Right - My lovely boyfriend is so romantic, and despite being together 3 years we still go on dates! He took me to the Colliseum to watch a very interesting Opera called Julietta, which had a giant accordian as the stage. It was really quite surreal.


A trip to the Opera

Not many people know this, but I have quite an interest in Opera. I don't claim to have much knowledge of such a broad subject, but I absolutely adore the stunning music, dramatic costume and vast scenery. Even better when surrounded by a decadent interior!

I am extremely lucky to have a romantic boyfriend, who, back in October, took me to see Niobe, Regina Di Tebe at the Royal Opera House! Not only did he manage to purchase some of the best seats in the house (a few rows back from the orchestra) but also booked us a tour of the Opera House, INCLUDING seeing the Royal Box AND the Royal toilet. If that wasn't enough, he bought me some adorable gold and black opera glasses (that I still need to use in a shoot). 

Prior to this, we had been to see Carmen (my favourite opera) at the O2, however the venue was definitely NOT right for opera - you can only really watch one in an interior specifically made for it. We had also watched various operas on blu-ray, including  Die Zauberflöte which made me fall in love with Simon Keenlyside as Papageno. Why? See 0.33 in the following video

 On Monday, as a joint birthday present, we visited the Royal Opera House again, this time to watch Die Zauberflöte and this time from some cheaper seats at the top of the house. I expected to have to strain to hear, but thanks to the shape of the building and the powerful lungs of the cast, I didn't have this problem. The cast were almost all different from those that we had seen before, including a different Papageno, whose bed vault just wasn't as impressive, haha! I enjoyed it so much, and the Queen of the Night's aria was even more mind-blowing live than I could have imagined.